Why Horses?

As prey animals, horses live in the present moment and bring themselves into relationship authentically. Highly attuned to human emotions, horses invite us to stay honest with our feelings when relating with them. In return, they offer non-judgmental feedback, and teach us to be more aware of the connections between our heart, mind, body and spirit through our breath and body sensations.



Cody embodies a harmonious blend of kindness, forward movement, lovability, and sociability, radiating warmth and fostering deep connections with those around him.


Gigi, exudes an easygoing nature that embraces the rhythm of life, gracefully navigating her surroundings with a deliberate and unhurried pace.


Buttercup, a miniature horse, embodies her namesake with her gentle and affectionate nature. She posseses a resilient spirit that expresses her desires with determination.


Donny is a wise old soul, who appreciates being nurtured and reciprocates with kindness. His tempermant is marked by loyalty, focus and a steadfast strong will.

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