Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a unique approach that connects individuals with horses to help improve emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational development.

What Others Are Saying…

Coming to the barn directly  impacts my sons motivation and readiness to attend school. The week my son missed a session his school refusal resurfaced. 

Parent of a 12 yr old paricipant

After her Friday session, the transformation in my daughter is remarkable. She radiatates a sense of calmness and even comes for cuddles. Shabbos in our house finally feels peaceful again. 

Parent of an 8 yr old participant 

After 4 sessions I noticed unexpected changes in areas beyon my initial expectations. Surprisingly, Sara’s* thumb sucking decreased by 50%.

Parent of 7 yr old participant

You don’t know what this is doing for our daughter. I feel like I get to see the real, happy Miri* the evenings that she comes for her session! 

Parent of 18 yr old participant

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