Our Mission

Harnessing growth and development  through the Human – Equine connection 

What We Offer

The ‘HERE with avigail’ program adopts a unique approach offering specialized EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) sessions to facilitate emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational shifts for our participants.

Our program is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals, in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to partnering with you on a transformative journey of growth and development.


Experiential Approach

Using interactive activities with horses, we create an experiential and engaging learning experience.


Customized intervention

Each intervention is customized to the participant’s unique needs and specific goals. 


Mounted & Unmounted

Each session includes groundwork and riding, building a relationship from the ground up.


One on One Sessions

Our program offers one-on-one EFL sessions that allow for individualized
attention and support.

Benefits of EFL

o Self-awareness
o Emotional resilience
o Communication skills
o Decrease anxiety 
o Interpersonal relationships
o Self confidence
o Trust building
o Boundary setting

Meet Avigail

Hi, I’m Avigail!

The magical transformation of connecting with my horses has been a wonderful healing adventure for me, both personally and professionally!

As an EFL facilitator, I am honored by the individuals who embark on their unique journeys, inviting me to join them and share in the extraordinary beauty and transformation in the human-equine connection.

Avigail Krancer LSW, EFL Facilitator

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